Nature communications: from submission to publication

Nature communications 从投稿到发表。

After acceptance, the manuscript will send to a format check company. This editorial process usually takes 2-4 weeks. For example, our work is published on 9th Aug. which takes about 20 days (including 6 days for media advertisement) from acceptance to publication.

Second Round

Accepted 18th July 22

Manuscript under consideration 18th July 22
Editor Assigned 13th June 22
Manuscript submitted 13th June 22
Submission in process 13th June 22

NC required a lot of documents and was strict about the formation of the manuscript and it seems the editor is very busy so it is better to communicate with the editor by email after each submission for fast operation.

First round

Accepted in principle 8th June 22

Manuscript under consideration 1st June 22
Review Complete 1st June 22
All Reviewers Assigned 8th April 22
Manuscript under consideration 23rd March 22
Contacting Potential Reviewers 23rd March 22
Manuscript under consideration 17th March 22
Editor Assigned 17th March 22
Manuscript submitted 15th March 22
Manuscript Transferred 25th February 22

Rejected from Nature, more details can be found in Nature 投稿记录 | Rocket Mao (



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