Guoyong Mao

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Soft Materials Lab, Linz Institute of Technology, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Altenberger Strasse 69, 4040 Linz, Austria.

Working experience

  • University Assistant, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. Martin Kaltenbrunner Group, 2019.12-current
  • Post-doc, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria. Martin Kaltenbrunner Group,2018.10-2019.11
  • Research Assitant, Zhejiang University, China, Shaoxing Qu Group,2018.7-2018.10


  • Ph.D. Solid Mechanics, Zhejiang University, China. Shaoxing Qu Group,2013.09-2018.06
  • Visiting Student, Harvard University, USA. Zhigang Suo Group,2015.11-2016.10
  • B.Eng. Engineering Mechanics, Zhejiang University, China,2009.09-2013.06

Honors and Rewards

  • Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang University (2018)
  • National Scholarship for Doctoral Students (2015)
  • Outstanding Graduates of Zhejiang University & Zhejiang Province(2013)
  • National Scholarship (2011)

Services: Academic society

Committee Board of the Engineering and Applied Science Forum (EASF) (2020.10.1-2021.03.30) 


A. Archive Journals (# Equal contribution, * corresponding author)

name. title. journal, year. dio

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B. Patents (Selected)

  1. G. Mao, L. Wu, X. Liang, and S. Qu, an intelligent window with tunable transparency, Zhejiang University, Jan 27, 2017: CN107357053B
  2. G. Mao, X. Huang, J. Liu, and S. Qu, an artificial human heart, Zhejiang University, Jan 27, 2016: Under review by SIPO
  3. G. Mao, S. Qu, X. Huang, J. Liu, and T. Li, Soft Peristaltic Pump, Zhejiang University, July 8, 2015: CN104763620A

C. Conference (Selected)

  1. G. Mao, and M. Kaltenbrunner, “A Numerical Approach Based on Finite Element Method for the Wrinkling Analysis of Dielectric Elastomer Membranes”, 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference (ESMC 2022), July 4-8, 2022, Galway, Ireland.
  2. G. Mao, D. Schiller, M. Kaltenbrunner., “Soft electromagnetic robots”,
    Shaping the Future of Robotics through Materials Innovation, June15-18, 2022, Schloss Ringberg, Germany, (Poster)
  3. G. Mao, “Soft electromagnetic robots”, Engineering and applied science forum, August 16, 2020. (Webinar)
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  5. G. Mao, T. Li, and S. Qu, ” Optimization of Tubular Dielectric Elastomer Peristaltic Pump,” The SPIE smart structures/NDE Symposium, March 8-12, 2015, San Diego, California, USA

D. Book Chapter

  1. G. Mao, S. Qu, Mechanics and Control of Smart Flexible Structures: R. Li, G. Liu (Eds.) Flexible and Stretchable Electronics: Materials, Design, and Devices, Pan Stanford Publishing, 2019.

S. Supervision

  1. Klaus Grasserbauer, bachelor thesis: hydrogel-based tactile sensor, 2020.

Services: Reviewer

  • Science Robotics
  • PNAS
  • Nature Communications
  • IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
  • Advanced Materials Technologies
  • International Journal of Mechanical Sciences
  • Journal of Applied Mechanics
  • Research
  • IEEE RobotSoft
  • Journal of Zhejiang University-SCIENCE A