Comments on 3D printer Formlabs Form3

The printer is very nice considering the easy use. And there are several advantages:

    1. The touch screen is very nice, a true color one, very good quality compared to the FDM printer I used before (Ultimaker 3)。
    2. The operation is easy according to the guide online.
    3. The assembly of the printer is easy according to the guide in the package.
    4.  the Finish tool is very useful.

But maybe next time there will be a Manual with the printer that the user does not need to search online. And recently, there is a science paper about fast 3D printer technology which is super fast and attractive. For the Formlabs Form3, the printing speed is about 2.5 mL/h, which is very slow to me. But this time is related to the mold. Anyway, it is a good printer.


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