iPhone 连接电脑复制文件, 显示“连到系统上的设备没有发挥作用” 之后就断开复制了?

设置->照片->拉到最下面。传输到MAC或PC 选择 “保留原始照片”

或者设置-> 相机->格式-> 兼容性最佳,以后的照片应该就可以了

原因是ios11以后的系统,照片采用新的格式 hivc格式,导入电脑的时候需要格式转换,导致手机端比较慢。超过200MB应该就不行,所以需要采用以上设置方法。

iPhone connects to the computer to copy files, it shows “The device connected to the system is not working”, and then the copy is disconnected?

Settings-> Photos-> Pull to the bottom. Transfer to MAC or PC Select “Keep Original Photo”

Or Settings-> Camera-> Format-> Best compatibility, future photos should be fine

The reason is that after the ios11 system, the photo adopts the new format hivc format, which needs to be converted when imported into the computer, resulting in a slower mobile phone. It should not be more than 200MB, so you need to use the above setting method.


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