Build a NAS with Synology DS 218J

Because the data increases a lot, I have to build a system to store this data. The first stuff is to decide a system for storage. There are several choices, 1. Portable hard disk. 2. Build a new PC with some HDDs. 3. external desktop HDD cases. 4. A NAS system (Network-attached). My decision is made as follows.

Fist, the portable hard disk. It is easy for the hard disk to be disconnected. And I have four 2-5TB portable hard disks. some of them are not so stable. What’s more, I want to build a raid 1 system then the data will be safer. Choice 1 quits

Second, A new PC is too expensive and I am abroad right now, I don’t want to carry a PC to China.

Third, the HDD case is not cheap, about 100 or more euros. Then why not buy a NAS? The basic version of A NAS system from Synology DS-218J is only 160 euros with a lot of funny functions.

Forth, the NAS system. The most important and urgent requirement is storge/ backup and the most important data I have is only 2 TB. So I’d like to buy a cheap NAS case. Two bays version is enough for me. Then I don’t watch and storge movies that I don’t need a high-performance NAS such as DS 218+/Play. Then I find DS-218J (160 euros from AMAZON).

For the disk, first is the capacity. 8T is the best choice considering the price/GB. And it is good for my future data (The scientific calculation costs a lot of storage spaces). Also, I want to have a Raid 1 system, so two 8TB HDDs are needed. For the specific product, I compare several products, WD red, Seagate Wolf/Wolf Pro and Toshiba N300. The first two are very popular choices for NAS. However, their prices are too high (250), then I give up the first two. However, the N300 does not have a good review from the customer, and I found the enterprise version from Toshiba is only 214 euro then I decide to buy two Enterprise Toshiba HDD (MG05ACA800E).

So the total system is DS-218J+2 8TB Toshiba HDDs. The total cost is 600 euros.

advantages of the system, it is enough for me as a backup for my data and it provides some basic funny NAS support (For example synchronize the photos from my iPhone).

disadvantage: 1. The Enterprise version HDD is too noisy, very noisy one, even though I am sure that it is quite tough. 2. The performance of the DS-218J is also a problem, the cpu is a little bit week (always 100% busy), but it is enough for storage. 3. The speed of the USB port is slow, only about 25 MB/S. 4. The fan is always running at a high speed.

使用Synology DS 218J构建NAS

由于数据大量增加,因此我必须构建一个系统来存储此数据。首先要确定存储系统。有几种选择:1.便携式硬盘。 2.用一些硬盘构建新的PC。 3.外接台式机硬盘盒。 4. NAS系统(网络连接)。我的决定如下。

拳头,便携式硬盘。硬盘很容易断开连接。我有四个2-5TB便携式硬盘。其中一些不是那么稳定。更重要的是,我想构建一个raid 1系统,然后数据会更安全。选择1退出


第三,硬盘盒价格不菲,大约100欧元或更多。那为什么不买NAS呢? Synology DS-218J的NAS系统基本版本仅售160欧元,具有许多有趣的功能。

第四,NAS系统。最重要和紧急的要求是存储/备份,而我拥有的最重要的数据只有2 TB。因此,我想购买便宜的NAS机箱。两个托架的版本对我来说足够了。然后,我不再观看和存储不需要高性能NAS(例如DS 218 + / Play)的电影。然后我找到DS-218J(来自AMAZON的160欧元)。

对于磁盘,首先是容量。考虑到价格/ GB,8T是最佳选择。这对我的未来数据很有用(科学计算会占用大量存储空间)。 Aslo我想要一个Raid 1系统,因此需要两个8TB HDD。对于特定产品,我比较了几种产品:WD红色,Seagate Wolf / Wolf Pro和Toshiba N300。前两个是NAS非常受欢迎的选择。但是,它们的价格太高(250),因此我放弃了前两个。但是,N300并没有得到客户的好评,我发现东芝的企业版仅售214欧元,然后我决定购买两个东芝企业级硬盘(MG05ACA800E)。

因此,整个系统为DS-218J + 2 8TB东芝硬盘。总费用为600欧元。


缺点:1.企业版HDD太嘈杂,非常嘈杂,即使我确信它很硬。 2. DS-218J的性能也是一个问题,cpu有点一周(总是100%忙),但是足以存储。 3. USB端口的速度很慢,仅约25 MB / S。 4.风扇始终高速运转。


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