Share one mouse with multiple computers

Here, I introduce the software that enables people to use one mouse to control multiple computers.

First, we need a software called, Mouse without Borders which seems to be the product developed by Microsoft.

What you need to do is download the software and install them on two/or more computers. After that, you will make some changes in the setting.

  1. in the setting process, on the first computer, click ‘yes’, and on the second one, click ‘no’. you will get a code and computer name from the second computer, and input them to the first one.
  2. modify the ip address. Right-click the software tray icon, you will find the setting interface. there is an option, ip mappings, please change the ip address to your real one. As most people don’t have a public ip address, so please ensure that the two computers are in the same local network.
  3. enjoy it. there is hotkeys to switch the mouse from one computer to another, the default hotkey is alt+ctr+F1/F2…, you can change them in the other options interface.
Image result for Mouse without Borders
Fig 1. setting page of the software


首先,我们需要一个名为Mouse Without Borders的软件,它似乎是Microsoft开发的产品。


2. 修改IP地址。右键单击软件托盘图标,即可找到设置界面。有IP映射选项,请将IP地址更改为您的真实IP地址。由于大多数人没有公共IP地址,因此请确保两台计算机位于同一网络中。
3. 好好享受。有热键可以将鼠标从一台计算机切换到另一台计算机,默认热键是alt + ctr + F1 / F2…,您可以在其他选项界面中进行更改


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