how to use chrome to open Abaqus local help document

When I finish the installment of AQBAQUS document, I cannot open it with chrome but that file can be open with Microsoft EDGE. Then it is found the chrome cannot read the local HTML file. The solution is to make chrome able to read the local HTML file. got the chrome shortcuts and change the target of the shortcuts, add a short line”–allow-file-access-from-files”.

完成AQBAQUS文档的安装后,无法使用chrome打开它,但是可以使用Microsoft EDGE打开该文件。 然后发现Chrome无法读取本地HTML文件。 解决方案是使chrome能够读取本地HTML文件。 得到了chrome快捷方式并更改了快捷方式的目标,添加了短行“ -allow-file-access-from-files”。


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