Elastomers, rubbers, silicones, comparison

materialViscosity (base & Mixed)Tensile strengthdesity
ModulusPot life (Room temp)
PDMS (10: 1)5100 cp/5.5 Pa-sec, 3500 cp 3.5 Pa-sec6.7 Mpa0.9651.35 Mpa1.5 h
ECOFLEX 00-30 (1:1)3, 000 cps/3 pa-sec1.379Ma1.070.068947 MPa45 min
Viscosity of water, 0.001

with Neohookean model, excoflex 30 has a shear modulus around 30 kPa. or modulus 90 kPa

this page lists all the silicone rubber avaiable from Smooth-On

Silicone Rubber – Platinum Cure from Smooth-On, Inc.


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