XGP & EA Play Games list and comments EA play 会员以及游戏推荐

Recently, I bought the EA play membership and have tried a few games. Here I will give some comments of the game. Here I just give the comments.

EA play

  1. Battlefield series. Battlefield 1 and 5 has the best picture quality and the campaigns are also good. The battle with tanks and planes are quite cool. Aside from these two, the picture qualities of the other seires are just soso because of the early release (>5 years ago). Battlefield hardline is not recommed, bored in play. Battlefield Bad company 2, amazing.
  2. Plants vs. Zombies. Good games to relax. The classic 2D one does not have a high resolution setting not suitable for 4k monitor. The 3D ones (Garden warfare, GW2 and Battle for Neighborville) are simillar with good picture quality and cute charaters. The Neighborville has more characters and the nut is the best one to me, funny to play.
  3. Sea of Solitude. The sunny scence is beautiful but the black one is not comfortable to me. The game is not recommended because of the dark style. Aslo like the name of the game, you will fell bad for the story (quarrel between parents, campus bullying) during playing the game. Don’t play this in the evening.
  4. Titanfall2. Excellent game, best mecha game. Nice story and the way to play. The only drawback is the unstable server of EA so that you are not sure wethere you can play the online game or not.
  5. Mass effect. Not finished yet, but the story is cool from others’ review. The picture quality of 1 is so so and not attractive to me. 2 and 3 are better and look relative good.
  6. Crysis remastered. Have not played yet. The picture quality is not as cool as I expected.
  7. Need for speed. A car game. Even though the new ones have better picture quality but my favourite one of this series is “need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)” which is not avaible. Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit Remastered is similar to Most Wanted (2005), good to play, the the access to free roam is enabled by pressing “L ctrl” in the career page.
  8. Star War: Jedi: Fallen Order has about 20 hours to finish the main mission. It is funning to play as a Jedi. The game has a lot elements similar to Titan Fall 2 and Assassin’s Creed that Jedi is able to run on the wall and climb on the wall.

Xbox Game Pass

  1. Halo Infinite. It takes about 10 hours to finish. Don’t have too much surprise. Some scenes are repeated again and again. The tank Scorpion is quite cool to play.

My hardware is Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16 82JQ001PGE. AMD 5800H, 32 GB Ram, an external monitor, 4k resolution.


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