Compatibility between Microsoft Word and google docs

Microsoft word 和google doc的兼容性问题

Recently I use google docs for teamwork. However, because the original file is made of Microsoft Office Word, there are several issues that some information/feature lost when I save the file with google docs.

  1. The number of the title will not display in google doc.
Original in word
Displayed in Google doc

2. The personal format of text will not take effect in google docs.

I created a format “dasda”

open in Google Docs, my personal format is removed/lost.

3. The color and format of table in google doc is different in Microsoft Word

Table in word
The table in google doc

4, the Equation from MathType is not correct but still readable and can be normal again in Microsoft Word. You will lose all the numbers of equations.

5. Endnote is not compatible with google doc.


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