Synchronization issues across different operating systems: filename

Today, my colleague create a file in the shared folder named “x bb .txt” via Nextcloud. Originally, I thought there is something wrong with my computer. Scan my system for several hours, nothing was detected. Later, I notice there is a warning notification from Nextcloud, it said because of the limitation of the windows system in the filename, I cannot synchronize the file. Then I renamed the file, and everything becomes normal again. It is also noticed that if there is such a file in a zip file, unzipping the file to a specific folder will not work.

The point is my colleague using mac os and I am using windows. The rules for naming files are not identical.

Windows doesn’t allow these characters in filenames:

< > : “ / \ | ? *

Also, windows does not support long file names.

今天,我的同事通过 Nextcloud 在名为“x bb .txt”的共享文件夹中创建了一个文件。 本来,我以为我的电脑有问题。 扫描我的系统几个小时,没有检测到任何东西。 后来,我注意到Nextcloud有一个警告通知,它说由于windows系统在文件名方面的限制,我无法同步文件。 然后我重命名了文件,一切又恢复正常了。 还要注意的是,如果 zip 文件中有这样的文件,将文件解压缩到特定文件夹将不起作用。

关键是我的同事使用mac os,而我使用的是windows。 命名文件的规则不相同。

Windows 不允许在文件名中使用这些字符:

< > : “ / \ | ? *

此外,Windows 不支持长文件名。


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