More information about “Ultrafast small-scale soft electromagnetic robots | Nature Communications”

I created this post to collect all the information about our paper:

Article reference

Nature Communications2022. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-022-32123-4

Media report

  1. ARSTechnica, Tiny robots made of “galinstan” can run faster than a (scaled down) cheetah
  2. Tech Xplore. Watch tiny electromechanical robots that are faster than cheetahs for their size ( (A very nice brief summary of our work! Recommended)
  3. New Scientist. Soft robots: Tiny electromagnetic robot runs fast and reforms after being squished | New Scientist
  4. A Chinese Introduction. 奥地利林茨大学-M. Kaltenbrunner团队︱Nat. Commun.:高速微型软体电磁机器人 | Rocket Mao (
  5. Kronen Zeitung. Faster than Formula 1 – Linzers ignite the turbo | with a new soft robot
  6. Nachrichten. What a “soft” robot should be able to do |


  1. In the main text, we have one expression that the SEMR TL can run at a speed of 630 mm/s or 70 BL/s which is incorrect. It should be 315 mm/s and 35 BL/s. This will not affect our conclusion.
  2. In supplementary table 1, the maximum speed for SEMR TST and TL are not corrected, which should be 630 mm/s and 320 mm/s, respectively.
  3. In the Methods section, the mass ratio of Eco-flex 30 to PDMS is 10:1.


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