Review and tips of 3D printer Renforce RF 100XL

This printer is not a good choice if you want a high-quality 3D printer. Referred by a friend, i bout this machine. Anyway, considering the price, ok, just buy it, right now only 400 euros for such a 3D printer.

The mother chips of the printer are from, the motherboard is

MKS base V1.6

The control panel is  MKS TFT 32_L V4.0

However, when I try to update the firmware of the control panel, it does not work. I am sure I take the right firmware (Touch display FW 2017.11.15) from the company website, It will make the screen dead (Rotate 90 degree). Then I have to open the case and find the version of the control panel, Then I got the motherboard and control panel come from On their website, I got a link to I try the latest version of Mks-TFT (2.8-3.2). And it works.

For the motherboard firmware,  go to download the Then change the size of the printer, it will work. But you still need to modify the source code for the hot plate.

more tips, for this printer, only three mechanical end switches (XYZ) at a corner behind the hot plate. And they are connected to Xmin, YMax, Zmin. This is fixed by the hardware. If you want to change the end-stop position, you need to switch the pin number, or physically change the connection of the switch.


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