Cherry G80-3000N TKL RGB review

As my previous mechanical keyboard does not work correctly after more than four-year services. The previous one is Tesoro G7N with a cherry red switch at a price of about 45 euros. the previous keyboard is fine, however, is not durable. Then now, I have to buy another one. I have several requirements: first cheery switch which is more familiar to me. second, should be an international layout or called QWERTY. Then in, there is not so much choice. Considering the price, I come to the Cherry G80-300N TKL RGB.

without RGB backlight
With RGB backlight

When it comes, I feel that the keys look nice, however, the case looks low quality, similar to the 10 euros dell cheap membrane keyboards. The RGB light is cool and has many built-in modes. The keyboard comes with Laser-etched ABS keycaps which are lower than the normal ones. Thus, I prefer a simple keyboard the backlight is not essential to me. the feeling of the new red silent switch is different from the traditional red switch. even though, according to the introduction of the keyboards, not so much difference between the two switches. The travel distance of the silent one is only 0.3 mm less than the traditional one. However, I can feel it, and when I play LOL with it, not so comfortable. Maybe because I am not getting used to it. The weight of the keyboard is light and easy to carry which may be an advantage if travel a lot. That’s it. considering the price of about 70 euros, it is ok. If there is no backlight version, there will be better for people like me.


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