Extra supplementary materials for the paper “Soft Electromagnetic Actuator”

STL files for a simple soft electromagnetic actuator (SEMA)

Today, I received an email from a master’s student about the dimensions of the square SEMA in our paper “Soft electromagnetic actuators”. Here, I just upload the original STL files for the fabrication of the SEMA.

I also have written a post about how to simulate the magnetic field and fitting which can be found in A method to fitting the magnetic field of a plate magnet. | Rocket Mao (maolab.cn)

Link to our paper: Soft electromagnetic actuators (science.org)

Updated 2022-10-12 10:21:15

Receive a Email asking the power supply.

Control system design for SEMA actuation


On a related note, we are using a motor driver board with high current capabilities to actuate the SEMA and the signal is sourced from a signal generator (GWINSTEK AFG-2125). However, we have observed that when the signal generator is disconnected from the SEMA, the output peak-peak voltage holds, but when connected it is very low, on the order of a few mVolts as opposed to Volts. Have you experienced this type of phenomenon during your research?
For the power supply, it is reasonable that the signal generator cannot deliver high power. You need an external power supply such as an amplifier (https://archiv.ew.tf.fau.de/leihgeraete/datasheet/Q023_D.pdf). I also find a document that may help you to build such a setup: https://www.accelinstruments.com/Applications/TS200/high-current-amplifier.html, it should not be so difficult.


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